Your participation accounts for 5% of your overall score.
Even though you may be a very proficient speaker of English this does not mean that you will sail through this course on this skill alone. Instead, active and full participation is the key to success on this course!! Moreover, your participation will be monitored on a weekly basis.
Group Participation
Some of your participation will be as a group member. You will be placed into groups regularly during the term, and this is an opportunity for you to bring in your own material. Then on the appointed date you and your group members will open the class by informally presenting something which is related to the discussion topic of that class.
Bonus Participation
Please be aware that bonus marks can be obtained for participation by posting your thoughts to some small discussion prompts on My eTL. Nevertheless, I will not necessarily announce this in the class as I want to see who takes the initiative by showing autonomy in their studies and regularly making use of the martial sources which are available outside of the class time. If you are successful in obtaining a bonus mark then each bonus mark will be added as an additional 0.5% to your lowest scored essay which you have produced during the term.
Class Feedback Participation
During whole class discussions different students need to give group feedback in one class rather than the same student all the time. You need to make me aware that you are in the class through your participation. Participation means that you volunteer information freely when I give an option for anyone in the group to speak - e.g. 'Group 2 can someone in your group summarize your discussion on this question?'; rather than me having to pick on you specifically by saying 'Kyung-joo what does your group think about this question?’ Be aware I will use the latter strategy when you are noticeably quiet in class feedback. To score for your participation, you need to volunteer information rather than me having to pick on you directly by name.
The Golden Rules of Participation
In terms of your active participation these are important points for your consideration:
  • Do not eat anything in my class!! This also includes gum!! The only thing you can eat is knowledge!! If I see you eating food of any kind you will ‘eat away’ at your participation points!!!
  • I do not approve of students who make a regular habit of trips to the bathroom in the class time. This will result in deduction points for participation!! You will be ‘flushing your points’ down the toilet!!!
  • I do not at all approve of students who mumble or talk to other classmates while other classmates are giving feedback or informal presentations! This will result in deduction points for participation!!
  • I do not approve of students who use their phones under the desks!! This will result in deduction points for participation!!
  • I do not approve of students who doze in the class!! Be active!! Be attentive!! Be awake!!
The Scoring of Participation
At the beginning of the term all students' participation score starts at 100%. However, each time you are weak in your participation you will be deducted 10% off your score. Accordingly, if you have not adhered to the participation rules on 2 occasions this will mean that you score 80% out of a possible 100%. Which at the end of the term will equate to 4% out of a possible 5% with regards to your overall grade.
If you are absent you will also be penalized for participation as you have not been present to participate in class activities.